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A new approach has been developed, inspired by recent developments in behavioural science, based on the nutritional expertise of Nestlé and many independent nutritionists, and making use of the creative minds of Ogilvy & Mather and 5.5 Design Studio. "We have very specific nutritional issues to solve, related to behaviours that must be changed. Our mission was to develop ideas and solutions that would be so irresistible for children that they would happily and willingly adopt new habits - and then to guide them so these habits persist in the long term," says Rory Sutherland, the cofounder of #ogilvychange.

"For example, says Nicolas Lautier, the Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather Paris, we invented a plate with 5.5 which we called 'Story Plate'." It includes 4 3D landscapes that can be switched depending on the vegetables being served to the child. Believe me, pieces of cloud in the sky are much more enticing for a child than pieces of cauliflower... Or consider the 'Juice Wrestler', a juicer whose handle is shaped like the arm and glove of Tinieblas, the most famous Lucha Libre champion in Mexico. Arm wrestling with Tinieblas each morning is a great way to encourage children to drink fruit juice made from fresh fruit every morning, with joy and humour."

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