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MOET is the king of celebration champagne, from the small daily joys that we wish to celebrate, up to the eventful moments of our lives that we want to saviour without forgetting the ultimate seasonal Year End festivities that are Christmas and New Year. It is the champagne of sharing that we just as much give to say thank you, to congratulate somebody or simply to bring joy around us.
It is thus rather naturally that we drew this celebratory gift box as a present of refreshment! The champagne case, secured by a golden ribbon, creates within us this irresistible urge to open it and discover its content.This gift box which henceforth needs no extra packaging is made up of long-lasting materials and provides us with an ice bucket which until served to our festive tables keeps the champagne chilled. Placed round the Christmas tree or to mark the passage of the New Year, this party icon will have a guaranteed effect and besides a present always pleases!

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