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IamaKey, ItsaKey, CooKey, WhizKey et PassKey:

Today, USB keys come in countless shapes, colours and materials. Is it possible that this object has no archetypal shape, and that all forms work equally well?

To sidestep this formal debate and attempt to reconcile this object with its image, we chose to create a key in the form of a key... a key-key.

A silly idea, but an unavoidable one, and perhaps that is the designer's role: to design objects that make us wonder why they weren't designed earlier!


Currenkey is shaped like a coin. The value on the face of the coin represents the key's memory capacity. The bronze version offers a storage capacity of 4GB, and the chrome version can contain 8GB of data. The coin must simply be twisted to reveal the USB plug.

In the midst of a financial crisis, this object reminds us of the extreme capitalization of our consumer goods that is practiced by the largest players and analysts on the market. Speculation that influences and upends our assessment of an object's value.


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